Students and Faculty join Wear Red For Women Campaign


Students and faculty of Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, North Carolina wore red on Thursday, May 1st to support the Wear Red for Women Campaign organized by the Inter-American Commission of Women of the OAS on the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Belém do Pará Convention. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of violence against women as a serious violation of women’s rights and to encourage the application of the Convention.

Education is a powerful tool to end violence. Schools and colleges are important spaces in which students can learn about their rights and the way to build respectful relationships. In this context, CIM is organizing a hemispheric forum: “The Belém do Pará Convention and the Prevention of Violence against Women: Good practices and proposals for the future” on May 14th to 16th in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. This forum, which will be focused on the prevention of violence, will address education as an effective tool to prevent violence against women.




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Thanks Wayne Community College for joining this important initiative!






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